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Magic Whatever

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Magic Whatever is an emerging Alternative Rock solo artist hailing from Los Angeles, California, and is the brainchild of singer/songwriter, Trever Stewart. Blending musical elements from rock, pop and electronic, he draws from personal experiences to connect with his audience on an intimate level. Magic Whatever’s infatuation with music began at a young age while being raised by his grandmother, who was constantly listening to musical legends such as Etta James, Frank Sinatra, and even early punk such as The Ramones and The Clash. 

At the tail end of age 17, he used what little money he had to book a one-way flight back to his hometown of Los Angeles to pursue music full time. Shortly after, his band Modern Maps signed their first record deal and recorded their debut album gaining him industry prowess and a loyal following. Upon being dropped from the label, Trever had a chip on his shoulder and began formulating a way to pursue his passion on his own terms. In 2020, Trever had a vision to adopt the moniker "Magic Whatever" and has been gaining momentum since signing with Outlast Records and announcing his debut track "Speak of the Devil (ft. The Score). Magic Whatever has spent the last year embarking on the Metamorph World Tour supporting The Score and the No More Bad Days US Tour supporting Dreamers, with a stop at the So What?! Music Festival along the way. With 6 releases under his belt, Magic Whatever is currently working on an EP set for release mid 2023.


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