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Love Under The Sun 

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The brainchild of singer-songwriter John Michael Mukai, Love Under The Sun balances elements to shoegaze, emo, post-hardcore - an homage to the music he was raised on. With influences ranging from Ride to Jimmy Eat World, Hum to Third Eye Blind, LUTS is loud and in-your-face but dynamic and nuanced. He hits hard before lulling you to sleep. The songs bite and sing with a calculated balance of catchy hooks, poignant lyrics, and mind-numbing rhythms that capture feelings of excitement, loneliness, nostalgia, and everything in-between.


“This project was my baby for years and covid made working on it nearly impossible, that was until I signed to Outlast. I’ve known Daniel for a long time, such a great dude! He’s been a fan of LUTS since the beginning and supportive of the project. When he wanted to sign me it was a no-brainer. Samantha’s rad too; she’s so insightful and encouraging. Whenever they’re talking about the artists they work with on the label, it’s clear how much they care.”

-John Michael Muka


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